...     Rabbit, Chinchilla, Guinea pig, Hamster Wooden Accessories

... everything started from one small Guinea Piglet...
We have a gorgeous guinea pig, who at the moment already has her own piglets. However, we wanted to buy her a nice house. But we realized, that we do not have a lot of choices to choose from. So we started to create our own houses ... or to be more precise: a home for our guinea pig. That was only the beginning. Now we are creating and making homes for all small pets. 

Reasons, why you should choose our products: 

- We create and produce unique, our own invented products; 
- We use only carefully selected by ourselves ECO organic high quality materials for all our products; 
- We do not use any harmful for humans, animals or nature substances, when decorating our products; 
- We are a small family business and we distribute our products by ourselves. 
- We can prepare our products according to your dimensions or colour; 
- For customers ordering more than 100 units of one position product (even with different sizes) we apply special prices. Discount prices do not apply to special prices.