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Our little daughter is whispering something to our Bunnies. Can you tell me, what she is telling them?

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Chinchilla -

Two baby Chinchillas. Everybody are so excited!! Yesterday arrived two new beautiful creatures. It was love from first sight. 
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About us, AsasWood -

- We are a small family-run business;
- We create and produce unique, our own invented products.

Since early childhood, we have loved animals and nature.  We believe they are our family and there is enough space on Earth for all of us. At the moment, we dedicate all our free time to helping small animals. We donate some of our items to small animal rescue institutions, animal shelters.
Thank you for your support !!!

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Bunny no leak water bottle, Guinea pig no leak water bottle -

NO LEAK WATER BOTTLE STAND for Bunny Rabbit or Guinea Pig

As a Rabbit and Guinea Pig owner, we know very well how important... and how hard is to find a water bottle which do not leaks. WE have tried many types of bottles, we have used bowls instead as well. BUT finally we have found what we were looking for! And now we can offer no leaking / no dripping water bottles with a stand for small animals. We are sure since now you and your bunny / guinea pig will be happy too.

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