Gift set for Bunny Rabbit and Guinea Pig: three toys with a box

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You will get set of all three toys plus cute box with bunny symbol.
This box can be used to hold:
- Pet rabbit toys:
- Guinea Pig toys:
- apple tree sticks, you can find them here

or small treats, etc.

Box size:
Centimeters: 13 x 13 x 9,5 (hight) cm
Inches: 5,12 x 5,12 x 3,74''

Measurement of each this wooden toy is about 10 cm / 3,94''
In total length is about 20 - 25 cm / 8 - 10 ''
Plus sisal rope with small wooden part.

This present will keep your bunny busy and happy for many hours, so he/she will not have time to make a mess at home or chew your furniture or carpets.


♦️Our bunny Blue Velvet is happy we have decided to create some bunny toys!!!
♦️She is trying to arrange them!!!