No leak water bottle for rabbits and guinea pigs

Bunny no leak water bottle, Guinea pig no leak water bottle -

No leak water bottle for rabbits and guinea pigs


NO LEAK WATER BOTTLE STAND for Bunny Rabbit or Guinea Pig

We live with some beautiful Bunnies and Guinea Pigs at our home. We feed them, look after them and have great time. For us it is very important their health, well being and happiness. We are doing our best to make sure their home is comfortable, clean, neat and the best place for them to live.

As a Rabbit and Guinea Pig owner, we know very well how important... and how hard is to find a water bottle which do not leaks. WE have tried many types of bottles, we have used bowls instead as well. BUT finally we have found what we were looking for! And now we can offer no leaking / no dripping water bottles with a stand for small animals. We are sure since now you and your bunny / guinea pig will be happy too.

Yesterday I had a conversation with our Nipple Water Bottle supplier. He keeps Rabbits for many years and is using these water bottles for more than ten years now. So, from his own experience, he has guaranteed us, that these water bottles no drip for 100%. 

One more thing, what I would like to say about our No Drip Water Bottles.

Important Note: Yellow color is special: it do not allow water turn green. This is very important if you will keep this No Drip Water Bottle outside or close to the window or other very light place.

♦️One big problem solved!! ♦️

You can find this No leak water bottle for rabbits and guinea pigs here:

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