What have you done?! You are so Special!! A Big Thank You from AsasWood

What have you done?! You are so Special!! A Big Thank You from AsasWood

Do you know how Special you are?? Just with your help and support we can give a hand to those who needs help the most everywhere in the world!

We all took a part in a raffle with a wish to generate some funds to split between 4 small animal rescues. This is very important to us! All of you, who are with our family all these years are taking part together with us! Thank you so much!

The 4 rescues are:
Clement Rabbit Rescue - Paige has rescued over 200 rabbits and has about 28 rabbits currently under her care.
Shrewsbury Rabbit Rescue - Ashton has rescued hundreds of rabbits, she's recently taken in 6 rabbits that were kept in horrific conditions, the children were colouring in the rabbits with pens 😔
The Bunny Jackpot Foundation - Beth rescues Rabbits, Hamster and Guinea Pigs. She specializes in bunnies with special needs and disabilities.
Estuary Small Animal RescueHeather rescues all forms of small animals and has recently had 9 rabbits returned to her care. She also offers bonding services and runs a small forage business alongside the rescue.

AsasWood send two prizes to the winners of this raffle. 
Prizes you can see in this photo:

 Bunny Rabbit hay feeder litter box and digging box for Rescue centre AsasWood

Bunny Rabbit hay feeder with litter box

Bunny Rabbit digging box

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