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AsasWood, Love your Bunny!! -

Black Angel has a dream! Yes, he is a Bunny Rabbit who lives free roam with us. His dream looks simple: Happy Bunny Life! For full happiness, he needs a girlfriend. But at the moment he enjoys his single life, a lot of free time, wonderful weather and beautiful and comfortable environment. For a Happy bunny Black Angel's Life, the same as for humans, is essential saturated and nutritious food, quality rest, a safe and comfortable living environment.

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About us, AsasWood -

- We are a small family-run business;
- We create and produce unique, our own invented products.

Since early childhood, we have loved animals and nature.  We believe they are our family and there is enough space on Earth for all of us. At the moment, we dedicate all our free time to helping small animals. We donate some of our items to small animal rescue institutions, animal shelters.
Thank you for your support !!!

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