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Custom order - Rabbit hay feeder with litter box and 2 Nipple bottle station.


We have created this Rabbit hay feeder with litter box combo for our bunnies toilet training. Now they have full kitchen option and toilet in one combo.

All bunnies like to eat and use their toilet at the same time.
This hay feeder with litter box is great option for many reasons:
- Bunny Rabbit toilet training;
- No more hay waste;
- No more mess at home.

- Measurements:
Hay feeder:
inches: 20'' length x 5.12'' width x 13.38'' high
Centimeters: 50 cm length x 13 cm width x 34 cm high

Litter box (plastic removable litter pan is included):
inches: 20'' length x 13.38'' width x 4.72'' high
Centimeters: 50 cm length x 34 cm width x 12 cm high

Food / drink section:
inches: 13.38'' length x 5.51'' width
Centimeters: 34 cm length x 14 cm width 

It is very easy to use and fill with water this Nipple drinking bottle as you just need to open the lid without taking bottle out of the set. However you can take it out easily when you need to clean it.