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Apple Tree Chew Sticks, chew toy of 10 sticks

Apple Tree Chew Sticks, chew toy of 10 sticks

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Apple Orchard Sticks

You will get 10 sticks approximately 30 cm / 12 '' long
Roll up with sisal rope.

They’re crunchy, delicious and fairly healthy.

Widely recommended by veterinarians for healthy Rabbit`s, Guinea Pig`s, Hamster`s, Chinchilla`s teeth.

Hand cut, hand pruned, naturally dried, no chainsaw, no bugs, no pesticides. Sticks are cut in our own apple orchard which has never been treated with chemicals.

Chew toys are a great way to ensure Rodents exercise both body and brain.

Strengthening their teeth, boosting their brain and exercising their jaw muscles. Bunny Rabbits always need something to chew on to keep their teeth trimmed.

Given their love of exploring new things, you can try a variety of different chew toys with your little guy. And rotate them regularly to keep life interesting.

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