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Rabbit Toys ❤️ Full set

Rabbit Toys ❤️ Full set

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      ❤️ Toys for Rabbits ❤️

 Give your rabbit the best playtime experience with this full set of handmade wooden toys from AsasWood. Made from high-quality bunny safe wood, these chewing and nibble toys are perfect for small animals like rabbits. The set includes a variety of toy types to keep your pet entertained and engaged for hours on end. Crafted with care by AsasWood, these toys are not only fun but also durable and safe for your furry friend. The wooden material is strong enough to withstand chewing and gnawing, and the toys are designed to promote healthy exercise and play for your rabbit. Choose this full set of rabbit toys for a happy and active pet.

- Bunny Rabbit digging box (with sisal rope)
- Play and chew toys
- 9 pieces in total.

All our items are hand cut, hand made, hand sanded. We use only pet safe materials: kiln dried pine and sisal rope.

This Bunny Rabbit toys selection will keep your bunny busy and happy for many many hours, so he/she will not have time to make a mess at home or chew your furniture or carpets.

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