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❤️ Thank you for supporting our small Family-run business ❤️

We create items for our Homestead and beloved small pets: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, etc...

 Since early childhood, we love animals and nature.  We believe they are our family and there is enough space on Earth for all of us. At the moment, woodworking is our full-time job. We dedicate all our free time to helping small animals. We donate some of our items to small animal rescue institutions, animal shelters.

Thank you for your support !!!

We honestly appreciate your warm heart, your care and love. We wish all animals would have a warm home, enough food and a lovely environment: their own space to live, hide and play.

All the items we create and make by ourselves. They are made from safe for your pet, natural, untreated, solid wood. We would like to offer our creation to animals all over the world. We care about not just making sure it will be easier for humans to take care of their animal, but also to make sure the pet feels comfortable, safe and loved. We believe you will contribute to animal welfare too. Your attention to our products helps us to support homeless, rescued or disabled animals all over the world. Thank you !!!


Our lovely four-year-old daughter loves nature so much! She is playing with our bunnies and guinea pigs at home. She is always supervising us when we are making your orders!! She is trying to imagine and is telling us stories about all these beautiful bunnies, guinea pigs, chins who will use these products. Best wishes to You and Your Small Pet!!!

Reasons why you should choose our products:

- We are a small family-run business;
- We create and produce unique, our own invented products;
- We distribute our products by ourselves;
- We use only carefully selected by ourselves high quality materials for all our products;
- We do not use any harmful for humans, animals or nature substances, when decorating our products;
- We can prepare our products according to your dimensions;
- For customers ordering more than 100 units of one position product (even with different sizes) we apply special prices. Discount prices do not apply to special prices.

Have Fun visiting our shop !!!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly via live chat box on this site www.AsasWood.com or via email.


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We use pet safe Kiln Dried Pine wood for our products 🙂


What wood do you use please

Jo parry

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