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Join us and let's support together small animal rescue centers

Everybu... I was going to say "Everybunny", but then realize, that it is much more appropriate to say... EVERYBODY!! Each of us wants to live full, comfortable, safe, love and be loved. We enjoy reading stories about small animals and their happy lives. We live with them, no matter if he is a beautiful rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, hamster, rat, etc... We enjoy their company, we understand their every move or even their glance. 

I invite everyone sitting warmly in their home (in their home, home...) to contribute at least a little to creating happiness for those who are not doing so well at the moment.

All around the world. 

There are a lot of ways to do that. I am sure somewhere nearby there is a small animal rescue centre, a shelter, where so many lives are waiting for love.

We can help them in so many ways. We can adopt furry cuties if we can give them life they deserved, we can donate, we can simply pay the bills of any shelter for pet's food, electricity, environment, etc. 

AsasWood is a small Family-run company. We alone cannot do much. But with your help, we can share that a little bit. Every our customer is involved in this. For example, we are currently participating in a rescue raffle 3, which is help by The Bunnyjackpot Foundation.

This time AsasWood assigned this rabbit toy as the prize of this raffle.

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Everyone is so welcome to join us!!
Thank you
         for your love and support ❣️

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