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Rabbit hay feeder ❤️

Rabbit hay feeder ❤️

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This Rabbit hay feeder over a litter pan is the ideal solution for rabbit owners. It is designed so you can use your own litter pan under it.


Inches: 20.5'' length x 6.3'' depth x 12.2'' high
Centimeters: 52,5 cm length x 16 cm depth x 31 cm high

✅ The measurements of space under the hay feeder for your litter pan are:
Inches: 19.68'' length x 5.9'' high
Centimeters: 50 cm length x 15 cm high

The litter pan is not included. 

✅ Choose your design:
with holes (3'' / 10 cm diameter), hearts or bunny shape.

Your bunny can lie happily on the top of this hay feeder!

✅  Custom orders are available: depth, height, width 
Contact us directly via the chat box or send us an email at

✅  Wholesale orders are welcome!

❤️ We've been developing Rabbit hay feeders for six years and finally found the best price and size combination! ❤️

It makes cleaning up rabbit droppings simpler and more efficient. The hay feeder makes it easier to give rabbits a healthy diet of hay while keeping it out of the litter box.

If you need a different height of space for your litter pan, leave us a note at checkout. As you can see from the picture, the legs of the hay feeder can be removable, and we can easily make a different size. 

Due to the length and depth of the hay feeder, please contact us via chat box or e-mail: We can make it according to your size (large, XL size or small) at an extra cost.

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P.S. We've been developing Rabbit hay feeders for more then six years and finally found the best price and size combination! Just in case you are looking for a great Rabbit hay feeder at the moment, I would love to offer you this great option to consider:


Rabbit Hay Feeder: elevated, large, and capacious. 

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