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We are happy to introduce you our new creation: Bunny Rabbit Digging Toy.

This present will keep your bunny busy and happy, so he will not have time to make a mess at home or chew your furniture or carpets.

- Measurements:

inches: 15.75'' length x 10.24'' width x 2.36'' high
Centimeters: 40 cm length x 26 cm width x 6 cm high

inches: 10.24'' length x 10.24'' width x 1.57'' high
Centimeters: 26 cm length x 26 cm width x 4 cm high

To give extra entertainment for your bunny sprinkle it with some small treats and this digging toy will become the best your bunny's friend (after you :) )

This Bunny Rabbit toy is made from Solid Kiln - Dried untreated Wood and sisal rope!