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Egg Holder

Egg Holder

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Bring a little fun to the kitchen with this stylish rustic wooden egg holder! Make breakfast prep a breeze by keeping your eggs all in one place - no more searching around for them! Perfectly sized to fit a dozen eggs, this holder is sure to make you (and your eggs) feel cozy and content. Eggs-actly what you need!

✅ Measurements:

15" length x 7" width x 3.75" height

38 cm length x 20 cm width x 9,5 cm height

This Egg Holder will hold a dozen eggs

Every Egg Holder ❤️ is made by hand, everything is painted by hand, individually, each one in unique.

The color you see may slightly be different from what they appear to be because of the nature of photography and how you adjust the color settings on your monitor.

If you would like to make some changes, please contact us personally 🙂
You can always find us here via chat box on the bottom right corner of this website!

Please choose unpainted or painted/aged basket!
Everything in our shop is hand-made, hand-cut, hand-painted, hand-sanded!

Please, check more items on our website for closer look at the colors we use.

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