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Fleece poo corner ❤️ waterproof

Fleece poo corner ❤️ waterproof

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These Fleece liners are made of high quality fleece fabric on the top layer, middle absorbent layer, and bottom waterproof layer.

This is the perfect corner liner for litter box area. 


12 x 12'' / 30 x 30 cm     
plus x 3'' / 7,5 cm tall

15 x 36" / 38 x 90 cm     
plus x 3'' / 7,5 cm tall

Most Guinea Pigs will do their business in the corners creating a messy, saturated cage corner. With our Poo Corners, you can extend the time between your complete cage cleaning. With the slight lip that raises up on the two sides, it contains the poop and pee and is SUPER easy to grab both corners and just dump the contents in the garbage. The best part is that it is waterproof! So no messy, pee soaked corners.

These waterproof cage fleece liners will keep your corners clean and dry longer. Simply discard contents, throw in the wash and dry.

Poo Corner will need to be washed more than your regular full cage liner as this is where our Guinea Pigs pee and poop the most. We recommend having at least two Poo Corner's so when you need to switch them out, one is clean and ready for use. 

Washing instructions: Washable at 30 degrees only. Do not tumble dry or use fabric conditioner/softener. Due to shrinkage after washes, our liners are made slightly larger on each side.

All our items are made to order.
If you need other dimensions, please, contact me directly via chat box :)

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