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This Hanging Hay Bag for your Guinea Pig or Bunny Rabbit we have sewed from 100% cotton fabric and is designed to reduce hay waste and encourage more hay eating! Two lobster claw clasps are sewn in for each bag and allows you to hook on anything! 

- Measurements:

Please, choose your size :) 

Inches: 10''  width x 10'' high
Centimeters: 25 cm  width x 25 cm high


Inches: 11''  width x 18'' high
Centimeters: 28 cm  width x 45 cm high

For custom orders, please, contact me directly! 

Fill the bag with hay from the top and then hang it from the bars of the hutch or cage by the two lobster clips. The hay is then ready to be eaten from the two windows, size about 4'' x 4'' / 10 cm x 10 cm.

We are making everything by hand, thank you for your patience. When your order is finished and shipped, you will receive an email with tracking so that you can monitor the delivery progress to your shipping address.