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If your Bunny has a lot of space to play, this gorgeous large wooden Castle is what he was waiting for  all his life❣️


Hidey Castle Tower:
Inches: 20'' length x 13.39'' width x 15'' high
Centimeters: 50 cm length x 34 cm width x 37 cm high

Holes diameter:
5.90' in / 15 cm

Screws you will find inside.
You will need to screw two screws to join bridge with ramp with cross screwdriver.
This is all you need to do by yourself to make your bunny happy 😊

You will get, what you can see in the picture:
Two Castle Towers with cute bunny (hand cut), bridge and stairs.

This gorgeous Bunny Rabbit Wooden Castle is made for Rabbits to feel safe, comfortable, and happy.

The nice thing about the hidey house Tower is that it has a flat second floor, allowing your bunny to sit or lie down, having a rest on top too!
All hand sanded to make sure it does not have any sharp edges.
The wood is not covered by any material; it is completely safe for animals.